Clay Rochemont -
Art Advisor


A Full Service Art Consultancy

Our full range of services create long-term relationships with our clients. Whether you’re an avid contemporary collector, or are looking to acquire your first major artwork, we provide the knowledge and assistance necessary to keep you excited and make you comfortable with your investments.


collection advisory

We use art world knowledge and art market data to constantly educate ourselves and advise collectors on their investments. By developing intimate and focused relationships with each client, we are able to understand their aesthetic preferences and financial aspirations to place the best possible artworks in their collections.  


We have the experience to help you navigate the often elusive art world politics associated with selling and buying artwork, and are in the unique position to maintain our clients anonymity. Call upon us when you have decided to place a work at auction, bid on an upcoming lot, purchase a primary work from a gallery or acquire a piece from a private source.


Through close and responsible relationships with galleries, private dealers, auction houses and collectors, we are able to source the best artworks in the world for each of our clients. We help to acquire pieces that are appropriately priced, properly documented and in suitable condition.                          


Using data and current market knowledge, we can help you predict trends before they happen. We will help you decide when to hold, when to sell, and provide expert appraisal services of individual pieces and entire collections to understand market value, appreciation and depreciation on acquisitions.


In the event our clients decide to sell, we call upon years of experience with private dealers, galleries, fellow collectors and auction houses to ensure our clients get the best possible return on their investments. Our large network provides clients with the best resources in the industry.                                                


We advise a small number of vetted clients, and hold their sensitive information in the absolute strictest confidence. We also keep all dealings, including monetary transactions, invoicing and buying or selling artwork fully transparent to the collector at all times. In addition, we do not own artwork as inventory, nor do we represent any artist or gallery.