Clay Rochemont -
Art Advisor


To the art markets elite networks.

The best art, at the best possible price. 

In a market where the concept of value and importance constantly shift, we leverage market and statistical data with a tight network of institutions, collectors, galleries, and other art advisors to offer extensive knowledge and a vast selection of artwork to collectors interested in every aspect of the contemporary art market. Each acquisition is an asset to our clients, both financially and aesthetically, which makes finding the works they love at the fairest price a top priority. 



Should you be interested in selling artwork privately through our network or publicly at auction, we have a track record of negotiating favorable financial terms and positive results. 





Auction Houses

If clients decide to buy or sell with auction, we call upon our close relationships and years of transactional experiences with all major auction houses to negotiate the best possible outcomes, including placement, marketing, and fees. Our close connections with auction houses ensure our clients get the best possible treatment and outcome. 




Art Advisors & Collectors

We hold tight relationships with top art advisors, and have a vast network of art collectors, creating a robust secondary platform. This allows us access to available secondary artworks, and also creates a platform of private buyers if our clients wish to sell. 




Galleries & Fairs

Creating relationships with galleries is an important step for every collector. We transact with top galleries worldwide, and introduce our clients to their programs to begin and maintain intimate relationships, which result in priority access to artworks, and VIP access to the worlds top art fairs.